Thursday, September 8, 2011

Back to Insurance...and Happy Birthday, Sandals!

I know I’ve been a terrible blogger this summer. Between our transition from Cruises Inc to CruiseOne, a very busy booking summer, and the birth of our first grandchild, something had to go...and the blog came in last!

With the all of the natural disasters that have occurred over the summer, from hurricanes to floods and fires, this seems like a good time to remind all of you about the importance of travel protection insurance. I wrote quite a lengthy post about it last year and won’t rehash everything here. What I will do, however, is add to our list of clients who were awfully glad they had purchased insurance.

A family of four was to depart the US for Rome and their Mediterranean cruise on the day Irene hit. Neither their scheduled flight nor any other flights from nearby airports were taking off, and if they delayed departure until Tuesday, they would miss almost half of their cruise. Insurance will reimburse them for their cruise. Another couple completed their cruise okay, but then couldn’t get home, resulting in hotel, meal, and other incidental expenses. Again, insurance will reimburse them. Just yesterday, a long-time client called to cancel is October cruise due to a medical condition.

It’s so easy to slough off insurance, vowing that “you’re going, no matter what!” Hurricanes and unforeseen disasters affecting your family can say otherwise. Please buy the insurance.

We hope you and your family were not affected by any of the above this summer. After 30 days of 100+ degrees, wildfires have broken out all across Texas, including San Antonio, and the threat will continue until this terrible drought is broken. If only we could shift some of the rains that have pelted the northeast and southeast toward us....

In brighter travel news, can you believe Sandals turns 30 this year? This popular all-inclusive, adult-only resort company keeps improving and expanding. You’ll find them in Jamaica, the Bahamas, St. Lucia, and Antigua, and the owners are now eyeing possible expansion into Barbados and Grenada. Each resort features a little something different. Some offer on-property golf courses; some focus on more upscale accommodations; others tend to attract younger honeymooners. Want seclusion, fewer guests, and butler service for everyone? then head to Sandals Emerald Bay on Great Exuma in the Bahamas, just opened in 2010. Love the over-the-water bungalow idea so popular in French Polynesia? Grande St. Lucian will be your resort...but wait about 16 months which is when the project should be completed. Want to visit Sandals’ roots where it all began back in 1981? Jamaica is your island with several properties from which to choose. Ben and I stayed at Sandals Ocho Rios, now renovated and renamed Grande Riviera, a few years ago and loved it! And we were able to tour both  Sandals La Toc and Sandals Grande Antigua in 2009. Read more on the blog I posted then.

Families aren’t left behind by this company, either, since it also owns Beaches Resorts, which are also all-inclusive. Take your kids to any of them on Turks & Caicos or Jamaica, and they can not only romp around the resorts’ numerous water slides and pools, but they can also hug up on the Sesame Street characters that remain an integral part of programming.
So, ready for something different than a cruise this time? A Sandals or Beaches resort might be just the thing.

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