Saturday, April 10, 2010


Azamara Club Cruises continues to raise the bar. The latestest news announces the addition of wine with meals, sodas, bottled water, specialty coffees, and even gratuities to the list of items included in the price.

Although the news was not welcomed by those who don‘t like paying for liquor they don‘t drink, most we spoke to look forward to less nickle-and-diming on this premium line.

This category ship walks a thin line: not quite in the deluxe category like Regent Seven Seas or Silver Sea that have traditionally included these perks in the base price, but certainly not a standard contempory line like Royal, NCL, or Princess, which long ago made all of the above optional and at additional charge. With this change, however, it‘s definitely edging upwards.

Like its competitor Oceania Cruises, Azamara includes extended stays in some of the most popular ports. Overnight in Sorrento, anyone? Ahhhh.

So, readers, what do you think about Azamara, the new “inclusives,“ and these extended port visits?

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